Traditional Co-Location

Tailor-made solutions directly for your company.

Epsilon DC is your trusted partner for traditional colocation services. In today’s digital landscape, businesses require a reliable and flexible infrastructure solution that can adapt to their evolving needs.

With our traditional colocation offerings, we provide businesses with the power to customize their infrastructure, scale with ease, and benefit from our expert support.

Experience the benefits of enhanced security, cost efficiency, and optimized connectivity while maintaining control over your IT assets. Take the first step towards a tailored infrastructure solution.

Contact Epsilon DC today and let our team help you unlock the full potential of traditional colocation for your business.

Managed Colocation with Epsilon DC Offers Several Benefits to Businesses

Customised Infrastructure

With traditional colocation, businesses can design and customize their infrastructure setup according to their specific requirements. Epsilon DC provides the flexibility to choose rack space, power configurations, and network connectivity options that best suit the business needs.

Scalability & Flexibility

Traditional colocation allows businesses to easily scale their infrastructure as their needs evolve. Whether it’s expanding rack space, increasing power allocation, or adding new equipment, Epsilon DC provides the scalability necessary to accommodate growth without disruptions.

Cost Savings

By opting for traditional colocation, businesses can avoid the high upfront costs associated with building and maintaining their own data center. Epsilon DC’s shared infrastructure and resources enable businesses to leverage economies of scale, reducing overall costs while still maintaining control over their infrastructure.

Enhanced Security and Reliability

Epsilon DC’s data center facility provides robust security measures and redundant infrastructure to ensure the highest level of protection for businesses’ critical assets. From physical security systems to backup power generators, businesses can trust in the reliability and security of their infrastructure.

Onsite Technical Support

 Epsilon DC offers expert support and management for traditional colocation customers. Their experienced team is available to assist with the setup, maintenance, and ongoing management of the infrastructure, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Connectivity and Network Optimization

Epsilon DC’s data center facility is strategically connected to various carrier networks, enabling businesses to optimize their network performance and choose preferred carriers. This ensures reliable and fast connectivity, enhancing overall business operations.

Colocate with us

By leveraging traditional colocation with Epsilon DC, businesses can benefit from a customized infrastructure setup, scalability, cost efficiency, enhanced security, expert support, and optimized connectivity. This equips businesses with a reliable and flexible foundation for their IT infrastructure needs, empowering them to focus on their core competencies and drive overall success.

For larger customers wanting half a rack, full rack, or high-density solution you may be better building your own customised solution. We can provide pricing for the real estate and any power configuration you want, plus you can choose to either negotiate your own contract with your choice of carriers, or we can negotiate on your behalf.

Note: Our standard single rack rates are below for comparative purposes. Call us, and we will customise you a solution.

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Rack Size Included Power Pricing per month EX GST
24RU 1kW $665
42RU 2kW $1,065
42RU 3kW $1,215
42RU 4kW $1,465
42RU 5kW $1,745
42RU 6kW $2,040
Additional power 1 kW $295


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