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Network Fabric & Long Range cross connect.

Optimise your Co-Lo spend

Network Fabric

Epsilon is a communications hub with many existing carrier fibre connections all culminating in our communications rooms. Epsilon is connected to an extensive dark fibre network dedicated links to Equinex, NextDC, Interactive and Vocus facilities. This  means you can optimise your co-lo spend by spreading your IT assets around where it makes sense. You can locate some of your assets for example in Equinex and have a long range cross connect provisioned to your Epsilon which you can rent for a lower rate, providing you effectively the same result for an overall lower blended cost. 

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Speed Data Pricing per month EX GST
100/100 Mb Unlimited $149.95
150/150 Mb Unlimited $199.95
500/500 Mb Unlimited $299.95
1000/1000 Mb Unlimited $499.95
1500/1500 Mb Unlimited $799.95
2000/2000 Mb Unlimited $1,199.95
5 / 5 Gb Unlimited $1,499.95
10 / 10 Gb Unlimited $1,899.95

Long Range cross connect

Epsilon can provision you with a long range cross connect to Equinex effectively plugging you directly into AWS, Azure, SAP, Oracle, IBM and Google Cloud. 

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Origin Destination Speed  Pricing per month EX GST
Next DC M1 Epsilon EDC1 1000/1000 Mb $300
Equinex ME1 Epsilon EDC1 1000/1000 Mb $300
Equinex ME2 Epsilon EDC1 1000/1000 Mb $300
Interactive Epsilon EDC1 1000/1000 Mb $300
Vocus – 530 Collins Street Epsilon EDC1 1000/1000 Mb $300

Installed Carriers

Epsilon is a major hub for communications carriers and has fibre already installed from many providers. The following carriers already have fibre installed at the facility. 

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Size Data Pricing per month EX GST Pricing Total month EX GST
100 Mbit Unlimited $4.80 $480
300 Mbit Unlimited $4.10 $1,230
500 Mbit Unlimited $3.80 $1,900
1 Gbit Unlimited $3.50 $3,500


Epsilon DC is located only a short stroll from Melbourne’s CBD on vibrant Bay street close to shops and amenities. We have all day onsite secure parking available and can receive and store your equipment in our loading bay.

With Epsilon you get the inner city location which important when you need to make those quick trips to your DC with the pricing you would normally expect from an outer suburbs co-lo. 

Epsilon Data Centre

Three data halls available

Autonomous fire suppression

Meeting rooms and private offices available for use free of charge

72 hours of redundant diesel backup in 2N configuration

Multiple carriers

Tier 3 data centre standard

Strict temperature control on IT product

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Epsilon is here to assist you with a wide range of needs. From enhancing operational efficiencies to bolstering security and minimizing capital investments, our team is equipped to support you in achieving your goals.

Melbourne’s newest high quality, low cost boutique data centre. Located 3km from the CBD in vibrant Port Melbourne Epsilon sports access to a huge existing installed carrier fibre network. Built to Tier 3 data centre standards with super reliable 2N+1 redundant electrical and cooling infrastructure providing a guaranteed 99.982% uptime.