Managed Service Providers

“Transforming MSP Excellence with Epsilon DC’s Purpose-Built Data Centre” .

At Epsilon Data Centre, we understand the unique needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

That’s why we offer a range of exceptional benefits tailored specifically for MSPs. As an MSP partner, you receive tailored benefits including significant product discounts for competitive pricing when reselling to your customers. Our contiguous racks allow you to create a personalized co-location environment without costly fees. You also gain access to cost-effective pricing, dedicated rack space, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, and a comprehensive suite of MSP services. Together with Epsilon, MSPs can swiftly monetize new connectivity and services, maintaining full control over branding, establishing a unique identity, and upholding consistent quality. This collaboration ensures efficient opportunity capture, maximizes revenue potential, and delivers exceptional service standards.

Cost-Effective Reseller Pricing

MSPs automatically qualify for discounted rates, enabling them to offer competitive prices when reselling Epsilon DC’s products to their customers.

Dedicated and Continuous Rack Space

Epsilon DC provides contiguous racks, ensuring you have an uninterrupted space for your equipment. This allows you to establish your own personalized co-location environment without incurring exorbitant fees.

Access to Onsite Meeting Rooms and Hot Desks

Our facility provides free access to onsite meeting rooms and hot desks, creating a convenient and professional environment for meetings, collaboration, or temporary workspaces.

MSP Services for Budgeting and Training

Epsilon provides MSP services to assist companies with budgeting and training, thus streamlining their tech stack management without the need to hire in-house personnel.

Hardware Management and Tech Support

When MSPs require assistance in managing their hardware and providing tech support, Epsilon offers access to a skilled team that can effectively handle these tasks.

Rapid Revenue Growth and Brand Control

Swiftly monetize new connectivity and services without infrastructure setup. Gain full control of branding, establish a unique identity, and maintain consistent quality, ensuring efficient opportunity capture, revenue maximization, and exceptional service standards.

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Epsilon is here to assist you with a wide range of needs. From enhancing operational efficiencies to bolstering security and minimizing capital investments, our team is equipped to support you in achieving your goals.

Melbourne’s newest high quality, low cost boutique data centre. Located 3km from the CBD in vibrant Port Melbourne Epsilon sports access to a huge existing installed carrier fibre network. Built to Tier 3 data centre standards with super reliable 2N+1 redundant electrical and cooling infrastructure providing a guaranteed 99.982% uptime.